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Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science UN790

Application & Admission
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6 Semester  (180 ECTS)
Graduate: Dr. scient. med.

Thematic Programmes

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An overview of the Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science UN790 at the Medical University of Vienna.

The Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science UN790 at the Medical University of Vienna aims as a professional doctorate at the further development of the competence for self-directed scientific work in medical and medicine-associated professions. The goal is to maintain as well as to increase the university's performance in applied research through a symbiosis of research and practice. Furthermore, the doctoral candidates shall acquire critical, analytic and argumentative skills in the programme.

This professional doctorate has been designed for interested junior researchers as well as for practitioners seeking to relate research to biomedical and clinical practice development. The doctoral candidates are supervised by highly-qualified practitioners intending to do research in their own discipline and develop it further. The training and support of the young academics is effected on the basis of a scientific attitude corresponding to the principles of the Medical University (Good Scientific Practice / Ethics in Science and Research).

Upon completion of the doctoral thesis, the doctoral candidates shall correspond to the following profile for the application of science in the job. Thereby, candidates shall acquire the qualification to work in a specific field of medicine:

  • Seek to apply knowledge in contrast to the fundamental research-oriented PhD Programme candidates,
  • Support of progress regarding theoretical and practical qualification at a high standard,
  • Knowledge of numerous biomedical methods and their application in medical research and practice,
  • Continuous improvement of practice through research,
  • Effectiveness as professional practitioners,
  • Ability to assume personal responsibility and autonomous initiative in complicated and unpredictable situations in the specific field,
  • Ability to plan, design, implement and adapt a research project with scientific integrity,
  • Ability to give an opinion relevant to medicine in the specific field and to impart this opinion effectively to a specialist and a non-specialist audience,
  • Ability to promote technological, social and cultural progress within an academic and professional context in a knowledge society.

Focus of the Programme in Applied Medical Science

The Doctoral Programme  of Applied Medical Science at the Medical University of Vienna is primarily organised in the form of interdisciplinary thematic programmes.

The programmes gather interested university members of individual institutes / departments with the goal of offering a comprehensive and high-quality training programme in the respective subject areas. The doctoral candidates shall compose their thesis project within the course of the programme and additionally attend the required courses. The involvement of institutions and organizations outside of the Medical University is possible as long as the educational value is obvious.

The composition and titles of the programmes originate from the initiative of the university members interested in the organisation of such a programme. The programmes shall constitute a broad topical unity within the wide range of fields at the Medical University of Vienna involving scientists of several organisational units/departments. The list of programmes is published by the curriculum director.

Thematic programmes

  • Clinical Endocrinology, Metabolism and Nutrition
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Clinical Neurosciences (CLINS)
  • POeT - Program for Organfailure-, replacement and Transplantation
  • Clinical Experimental Oncology
  • Preclinical and Clinical Research for Drug Development
  • Musculoskeletal and Dental Research
  • Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Disease
  • Mental Health and Behavioural MedicinePublic Health
  • Public Health
  • Epidemiology

Structure of the Programme in Applied Medical Science

The Doctoral Programme of Applied Medical Science comprises one study phase with a minimum duration of six semesters (180 ECTS). The whole extent of courses amounts to 38 semester hours and accounts for 21.1 % of the whole duration of studies (target value is a 40-hour week). The remaining time (78.9 %) is available for the composition of the thesis project.

Emphasis is placed on instructed tuition (more than 21% of the duration of study) being an integral part and a key portion of the program for the impartment of practice-related skills in the respective medical field. The research part is equivalent to the PhD Programme and shall result in an original doctoral thesis with accompanying publications in renowned journals. Particular importance shall be attached to the interdisciplinarity of the topics. Thus, the professional doctorate provides the basis for the implementation, development and management of professional medical practice.


The doctorate study of the applied medical science in the MedUni Vienna is organised particularly in the form by field-covering subject programmes.

Thematic Programmes

The programmes collect interested university member with the aim to offer a comprehensive and high-quality training programme in the single fields.


The doctoral thesis produces the final proof that the doctoral candidate has acquired knowledge and skills for the independent and competent scientific work.

Study Objective & Qualification Profile

The doctorate study of the applied medical science in the MedUni Vienna lays a focus on the competence for the independent scientific work.
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