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Vietnam National University of Ho Chi Minh City

Consultancy for the development of a modernized medical school and university hospital since 2010

By the numbers:

  • 55,000 m2 university hospital planned
  • 20,000 m2
  • 4 auditoriums and laboratory space planned
  • 800+ medical students to be enrolled
  • 1,000+ university staff to be accommodated

MUVI´s approach to medical education infrastructure improvement

The feasibility study and market analyses completed during 2010 revealed that Vietnam is in urgent need of expanded healthcare services, and in particular, in less developed areas of the country. Public hospitals currently suffer from overcrowding and lack of trained, competent medical staff; this trend will only accelerate with increasing population growth.

As a result, MUVI created a detailed concept for a state-of-the-art medical school and university hospital, with an emphasis on the development and use of an innovative integrated medical curriculum to support theoretical medical education, practi- cal training, and research initiatives based on international quality and practice standards. MUVI’s project plan focused on four major elements:

  • Curriculum development: includes the use of workshops to develop an innovative, modern med- ical education curriculum that is responsive to current and future medical needs.
  • Clinical training programs: supports knowledge transfer and the continuous development of pro- fessional staff through exchange programs, conferences and symposia, and “train-the-trainer” activities.
  • Research development: creates research and development infrastructure to support university goals, academic and scientific collaboration, human resources, financial sustainability, and the future of patient care.
  • Hospital management competence: facilitates effective clinical and operational management of hospital providers for better undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate education and training.