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The Clinical Practical Year

International students who would like to spend (parts of) their "Clinical Practical Year" (CPY) at one of the teaching hospitals of Medical University of Vienna have several options to organize their stay:

  • via SEMP (Swiss-European Mobility Programme)*
  • or self-organised as FREE MOVER.


Please note:

  • General information on the Clinical Practical Year at MedUni Vienna is available on the following website:
  • External CPY applicants will only be enrolled at MedUni Vienna if their stay takes place in the framework of ERASMUS+/SEMP.
  • Starting dates and CPY training periods are the same at all Austrian medical universities / teaching hospitals and apply both to Austrian and international students.The duration of the clinical-practical training period cannot be shortened. The permitted absent days cannot be used to shorten the KPJ tertiary.
  • Provided that the hosting hospital is an accredited teaching hospital of MedUni Vienna, the International Office can sign the   "Certification of Practical Training at a Hospital" upon completion of the training period (both for ERASMUSs+/SEMP participants and Freemover). Only the MedUni Vienna form  linked above will be issued without exception. Students are encouraged to enquire at their home university / the responsible examination office before the start of the training period whether this form is sufficient for their purposes.
  • The Certification of Practical Training at a Hospital can only be issued if the accreditation of both clinic and  department is confirmed on this website (please make sure that name of clinic and name of department are correct).
  • CPY Logbooks can be signed from the side of MedUni Vienna only if the student has organized their stay via ERASMUS+ / SEMP. Training contents / educational objectives in any case can only be confirmed by the teaching hospital.
  • International Students are welcome to contact the International Office in case of questions (email to .


Due to the latest developments in the Covid-19 crisis, the suspension of student exchange programs has been extended to the 2021/ 22 winter term. Applications for traineeships in the 2022 spring term can be submitted but will be processed with reservation regarding further developments in the pandemic. The feasability of traineeships in the 2022 summer term will be evaluated in due course.