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Admission with Vocational University Entrance Qualification

Anyone who has not completed a school-leaving examination can still begin studies at the Medical University of Vienna. Go-ahead is given after taking one of the following exams.

Persons without a school-leaving examination can acquire rights associated with a school-leaving examination from a secondary school according to the Federal University Entrance Act (BGBl. [Federal Law Gazette] I. No. 68/1997, as amended) by passing the vocational university entrance qualification if they have successfully completed the exams or training courses set out below.

  • Final apprenticeship exam pursuant to § 21 of the Vocational Training Act, BGBl. [Federal Law Gazette] No. 142/1969,
  • Skilled worker exam pursuant to § 7 of the Vocational Training Act for Agriculture and Forestry, BGBl. [Federal Law Gazette] No. 298/1990,
  • at least three years at intermediate school (e.g. business school),
  • School of nursing or school for health and nursing

The rights acquired with the secondary school leaving qualification are associated with the vocational university entrance qualification. Information on the vocational university entrance qualification is provided by the Provincial School Authorities (Vienna School Authority: and the Federal Ministry of Education