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Admission Process for the Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programmes

After all admission requirements have been met and you were able to secure a place at the University for yourself by passing the admissions examination, it is necessary to start the official admissions process at MedUni Vienna.

The Admission to MedUni Vienna

For the admission to the Medicine and Dentistry Degree Programmes at the Medical University of Vienna, applicants have to apply in person. The admission and the first registration as well as assignment of a student number takes place at the Studies and Examinations Department. 

The admission occurs exclusively during the admission period!

After the results of the MedAT admission test have been announced, all applicants who have received a study place through the MedAT admission test will receive a notification of their place reservation. As soon as the place has been reserved in the MedAT account, a new notification will be sent explaining the admission steps.


Admission for degree studies in human medicine or dentistry  at the MedUni Vienna is only possible for the winter semester.

In order not to cause any loss of study time, admission must be successfully obtained in the first semester by 05 September of any year at the latest, so as to still be able to get place for small groups for all required events of the first semester.

Department for Student Affairs

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