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Non-Degree Studies

Anyone may be admitted as an non-degree programme student who has reached the age of 15 and wishes to attend teaching units or a university course for a specific term.

The following shall be provided:

Admission Periods

Please observe the specified admission deadlines.

Admission periods


Non-degree programme students, who are only authorised to attend teaching units and actually attend teaching units, can take teaching unit exams and supplementary exams.

Non-degree programme students shall pay tuition fees of 363.36 € and Student Union fees regardless of their nationality.

Non-degree programme students, who exclusively take part in a university course or attend the preliminary course, are exempt from the payment of tuition fees and only have to pay course fees.

University Courses

Initial notification of university courses at the Medical University of Vienna is carried out by course management.

In addition to costs of the university course, the Student Union fee (student contribution) shall be paid to the Medical University of Vienna each semester.

A list of university courses offered by the Medical University of Vienna can be found here.

Validation of International Qualifications

Persons shall also be admitted as non-degree students, who first have to supplement a study programme completed abroad, meaning that their degree or degree qualification is validated, i.e. can be declared equivalent to a subject-relevant Austrian degree qualification.

The following shall be provided:

  • Assessment notice for validation of international qualifications
  • Official ID document with photo
  • In case of Austrian social security: e-card