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Pollen calendar

Pollen calendars come in handy when planning long-term. They display the usual time and duration of pollination.

The pollen service Vienna provides the following pollen calendars for display and for download:

  1. General pollen calendar with the most important aerobiologic allergens
  2. Pollen calendar particular for grasses with the most important and frequent grasses in Vienna

Both pollen calendars are based on the average values of the last ten years, that were evaluated with a pollen trap and scientifically analyzed, and on our phenological expertise.
They are valid for whole of Vienna and are available for tourists and everyone also in English language.

The average (high) pollination is shown. Therefore, they might not be accurate for every season, although they conform to the long-term average.
Every season might progress differently – please keep yourself informed with our short-term forecasts.