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Living in Vienna

High Quality of Life

Vienna is a cosmopolitan city with a well-recognized high quality of life. It is not only the high scientific standard of the MedUni Vienna that makes postgraduate education here interesting, but also the extracurricular activities that are possible on every budget.

The “Quality of Life” study by the international consulting firm Mercer proves that Vienna is a particularly liveable city. For ten years in a row, it has rated Vienna as the city with the highest quality of life worldwide. The last ranking was in 2019; it was cancelled in 2020 due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. 

Arrival and Orientation

Housing in Vienna is inexpensive compared to other cities with over a million inhabitants. Apartments and rooms in shared flats can be found via various internet portals – also for subleases. There are also a number of student dormitories in Vienna, for example through OeAD student housing

A good overview for newcomers to Vienna with a brief historical outline, practical information, many checklists, and helpful addresses is provided by the guidebook for expats "Welcome to Vienna!", published by the Vienna Business Agency. 

The city map of Vienna can be adapted to your interests and needs. This allows you to find a wide variety of facilities, e.g. for accessibility.

Vienna’s public transport network is exceptional. The city is also well connected to regional and international rail routes and the Vienna International Airport.

Wiener Linien (Vienna’s public transport network)

Wien mobil App

ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways)


CAT (Vienna City Airport Train)

You can find all the information related to administrative procedures and official channels at

For information on health insurance, please contact the Austrian Health Insurance Fund

Foreign representatives in Austria are listed by the Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. 

Information on visas for third-country nationals is available from the OeAD and from the City of Vienna on the “Student” Residence Permit page.


There are several libraries in Vienna available for your studies. In addition to the MedUni Vienna library, these include the National Library with its seven reading rooms and – also for "lighter fare" - the libraries of the City of Vienna with (several) branches in nearly all districts.

Leisure Activities

Life is good in Vienna. This is not only because of its good infrastructure and the fact that it is safe and secure, but also because of the city’s attractive leisure and cultural offerings. 

Green recreational areas such as the Vienna Woods, the Danube wetlands and the picturesque, terraced landscape in the south of Vienna are easily accessible by public transport and invite you to longer and shorter excursions and sporting activities on marked hiking trails. 

Outdoor Recreation” (

Vienna dates to Roman times and later became the centre of the Habsburg Empire. It is rich in architectural monuments that testify to the different eras it has experienced. But modern Vienna is also worth a discovery tour or two. provides locals and guests with reliable tips for exploring both the better-known and lesser-known corners of Vienna.

Vienna is also famous for its theatres and museums. provides an up-to-date overview of all exhibitions in Vienna. The City of Vienna lists all stages for music, theatre, and dance. The "Falter" newspaper provides an overview of current events in Vienna online and in print. The cinema program for Vienna can be found at

Culture can also be enjoyed in Vienna at low cost - with standing room places and last-minute offers - and there are also a wide range of free events. The website has its own section for "Free entry". Numerous websites provide inspiration for everything else you can do for free. 

Schnitzel and Tafelspitz, Palatschinken and Sachertorte - classic Viennese cuisine is known far beyond its city limits. But it no longer has to be just schnitzel: the culinary variety in Vienna is enormous and is also brought to your home by common delivery services.

The "Falter" newspaper maintains a comprehensive database with all restaurants, pubs, coffee houses - and even the famous sausage stands - in its online section "Food & Drink". Numerous search filters (and editorial recommendations) ensure that you don't get lost in the diversity. 

It is not always easy to make friends In a new city. The Expats Network in Vienna is a networking platform for people new to Vienna from all over the world. The MedUni Vienna's Alumni Club also offers interesting events where you can get in touch with medical professionals from a wide range of disciplines.