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Completion of your University Course

With your master's thesis or final paer you show that you can work independently on scientific topics in terms of content and methodology and that you can develop practical solutions to solve them.

Theme and Preparation

For your master's thesis or final paper, you must choose a topic from one of the subject areas of the university programme you want to complete. You determine the topic in agreement with your supervisor and have it approved by the scientific management of the university programme.

For the preparation and submission of your master's thesis or final paper, the corresponding guidelines for the diploma programme in human medicine apply. You must also adhere to the guidelines for "Good Scientific Practice - Ethics in Science and Research" of MedUni Vienna listed there for your master's thesis and final paper for a university course.

In this context, please also note the information provided by the Ethics Committee.

Of course, you must comply with the provisions of the Copyright Act, BGBl. No. 111/1936, [§80(2) UG2002] when preparing your master's thesis or final paper.

Guidelines for Students and Supervisors

You can find the following guidelines on the University Library website:

  •  Guidelines ffor writing theses
  •  Guidelines for supervision of theses
  •  Creating PDF/A-1b compliant documents

Plagiarism Assessment

The Master's thesis is subjected to a plagiarism check. You can find more information on the plagiarism check of MedUni Vienna website.

Negative Assessment

If the Master's thesis or final paper is assessed negatively by the supervisor, § 17a Para. 12 of Section II of the Statutes of MedUni Vienna shall apply.