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Co-Registration at the Medical University of Vienna


Students who have been admitted and registered for a degree study at another Austrian university have the opportunity to take part in individual courses as co-registered students at the Medical University of Vienna.

If it is not possible to take an exam at the university where you are admitted as a degree student (e.g. because the course is not offered), you can take the desired exam using the so called "co-registration" at another Austrian university without admission to ordinary studies there.

Taking the examination as a co-registered student at the Medical University of Vienna must have been approved in advance by the department responsible for student affairs, e.g. Dean of Studies at the University where you are registered as degree student (home university, "Stammuniversität"; (see "application for co-registration" page 2 below, legal basis: § 63 (9) lit°2 Univiersities Act ("Universitätsgesetz 2002"-UG).

You must have reported the continuation of your studies at your home university (by paying the ÖH contribution and  possible tuition fee), only then it is possible to be co-registered at other universities during the admission periods.

Please clarify in advance with your home university if and in which form the courses/examinations you would like to complete as part of the co-registration at the Medical University of Vienna are eligible for recognition ("Anerkennung") for your degree studies at your home university.

How to apply for co-registration

For first-time co-registration please follow the link below:

For continue or resume the co-registration please follow the link below:

Co-registration is not possible...

if you , for example ...

  • study at an Austrian University of Applied Sciences.
  • study at an Austrian private university.
  • study at a non-Austrian university.
  • study as a non-degree student at an Austrian university.
  • are currently taking a leave of absence at another university.

At the Medical University of Vienna it is not possible to take part in courses and exercises with courses with limited study places ("Kleingruppenplatz") and the course "Medical Terminology" (Latin Supplementary Examination) based on a co-registration.

Department for Student Affairs