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Adjunct Professorships

MedUni Vienna networking with the best in the world

"Adjunct professor" is an honorary title which is awarded to outstanding people who are closely connected to MedUni Vienna. As a result, MedUni Vienna consolidates its research excellence, strengthens its worldwide network and crafts international cooperation.

An adjunct professor is involved in projects or publications, supports the exchange of young researchers, and assists with establishing connections between MedUni Vienna and respective home universities, which often lead to solid cooperation.

Heads of clinics, departments and center nominate professors from other universities – either domestically or abroad – and use their CV and scientific achievements to justify why they should be awarded the title. The final decision is made by the vice chancellor of the Medical University of Vienna.

More than 30 of these honorary titles have been awarded to international luminaries of specialist disciplines in medicine since February 2016.