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Procedure for the University Entrance Qualification Examination (SBP) at the Medical University of Vienna

Examination Procedure

What is examined? 

The university entrance exam consists of five subjects:

  • one essay in the subject German on a general topic (three topics are available for selection, in a period of four hours)
  • three compulsory subjects (Biology and Environmental Studies, Chemistry 2, Physics 1) and
  • one optional subject (Social Medicine, Prof Haidinger (


How is the university entrance exam conducted? 

An exam must be taken on each stipulated subject. Students can decide themselves on the sequence in which they take exams. Compulsory subjects can be completed at Volkshochschule Wien (Vienna Adult Education Centre) (Polycollege Margareten, Ottakring and Floridsdorf sites). The final exams for the university entrance qualification exam courses of Volkshochschule Wien are recognised by all Vienna’s universities. The optional subject shall be taken at MedUni Vienna. Registration for the optional subject is carried out following enrolment for the university entrance exam.


Of the five subjects in the first university entrance exams, no more than four exams taken at other educational institutions (e.g. passed sections of a school-leaving examination, taking a recognised course at an adult education institution) shall be recognised. At least one exam must be taken at MedUni itself (including university courses, exams on university teaching units are possible). 

Recognition can be applied for by using the form “Application for Recognition of University Entrance Exams”, which is also available in the Studies Department. The Rectorate of MedUni Vienna shall decide on these applications.