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Marco Hein
Dr. Marco Hein

Center for Medical Biochemistry
Position: Assistant Professor

ORCID: 0000-0002-9490-2261

Further Information


Genomics; Proteomics; Systems Biology; Virology

Research interests

My fundamental research question is understanding the principles of the organization of life at the molecular level. My goal is to design systems-level experiments that yield systems-level insight. Specifically, my team studies the interactions of viruses with their hosts, focusing on what happens in a host cell once it is infected with a virus, or in an antiviral state.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

We use modern methods of mass spectrometry-based proteomics, CRISPR/Cas9-based functional genomics, single-cell transcriptomics, computational biology, and data visualization.

Selected publications

  1. Sunshine, S. et al. (2023) ‘Systematic functional interrogation of SARS-CoV-2 host factors using Perturb-seq’, Nature Communications, 14(1). Available at:
  2. Hein, M.Y. and Weissman, J.S. (2021) ‘Functional single-cell genomics of human cytomegalovirus infection’, Nature Biotechnology, 40(3), pp. 391–401. Available at:
  3. Cho, N.H. et al. (2022) ‘OpenCell: Endogenous tagging for the cartography of human cellular organization’, Science, 375(6585). Available at:
  4. Hein, M.Y. et al. (2015) ‘A Human Interactome in Three Quantitative Dimensions Organized by Stoichiometries and Abundances’, Cell, 163(3), pp. 712–723. Available at:
  5. Wiśniewski, J.R. et al. (2014) ‘A “Proteomic Ruler” for Protein Copy Number and Concentration Estimation without Spike-in Standards’, Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, 13(12), pp. 3497–3506. Available at: