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Raphael Bednarsky
Raphael Bednarsky, MSc, MScComputational Molecular Biomedical Scientist - Predoctoral Fellow at CeMM and the Institute of Artificial Intelligence of the Medical University of Vienna

CeMM, external institution, Center for Medical Data Science (Institute of Artificial Intelligence)
Position: PHD Student

ORCID: 0009-0005-0404-3424

Further Information



Research group(s)

  • Medical Epigenomics Lab
    Head: Christoph Bock
    Research Area: The Medical Epigenomics Lab at CeMM seeks to advance precision medicine through collaborative, technology-driven biomedical research, developing wet-lab and computational methods and investigating the epigenetic (de)regulation underlying cancer and immunity.

Research interests

explainable artificial intelligence & biomedical data science

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

graph neural networks, bioinformatics