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Claudia Wenzel
Mag.a phil. phil. Claudia Wenzel

Department of Medicine I (Division of Palliative Medicine)
Position: Research Associate (Postdoc)

ORCID: 0000-0002-3617-1317
T +43 1 40400 71270

Further Information


Complementary Therapies; Hospice Care; Music Therapy; Palliative Care; Qualitative Research

Research interests

My main areas of research include palliative care, complementary and integrative therapies (with a focus on music therapy) and personalization of non-medical therapies (e.g. physiotherapy) in the field of neurorehabilitation. I have conducted mainly qualitative and participatory studies in multidisciplinary contexts, but I also participated in mixed-methods research projects in the field of neurorehabilitation. Fundamental research results:  Complementary therapies enable individuals to experience healing on a non-physical level at the end of life and foster closure of psychosocial strains. The process of recognizing dying is a complex social interaction of all involved and influences the place of death. To respect the concept of patient`s readiness for therapy is central for understanding neurorehabilitation patient’s needs and compliance behaviour.  

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

Qualitative research; mixed-methods research;

Selected publications

  1. Dür, M. et al. (2022) ‘Patients’ and professionals’ perspectives on the consideration of patients’ convenient therapy periods as part of personalised rehabilitation: a focus group study with patients and therapists from inpatient neurological rehabilitation’, BMC Health Services Research, 22(1). Available at:
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  4. Wenzel, C. (2014): Heil sterben. Alternative Ansätze für eine ganzheitliche Begleitung Sterbender in Hospizarbeit und Palliative Care. Wiesbaden: der hospiz verlag.
  5. Heller, A. & Wenzel, C. (2013): Palliative Care and Hospice – Innovation at End of Life. In: E.G. Carayannis (ed.): Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation, and Enterpreneurship. Volume 3, M-Z. Springer Reference. New York/Heidelberg/London: Springer Science + Business Media, 1421- 1426.