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Hannes Platzgummer
Dr. Hannes PlatzgummerHead of Neuromuscular Ultrasound

Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy (Division of Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal Radiology)
Position: Consultant

ORCID: 0000-0003-1633-8674
T +43 1 40400 48180

Research interests

During my work at the Department of Neuroradiology and Musculoskeletal Radiology, I specialized in musculoskeletal sonography and peripheral nerve imaging in particular. My clinical and scientific focus is multimodal imaging of peripheral nerve tumors, nerve trauma and neuromuscular diseases as well as minimally invasive image-guided therapy.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

Nerve imaging is tailored to the individual patient.

Technically and professionally highly sophisticated nerve imaging has successfully established itself over the last decade as an interface between surgical and conservative specialties. The focus of this special discipline is problem-oriented ultrasound of the musculoskeletal system and in particular of the peripheral nerves. By means of nerve ultrasound, changes in the smallest nerves can be assessed in unrivaled detail. The entire neuromuscular movement chain can be examined in real time and the dynamic interaction can be directly assessed. Diagnostic interventions or therapeutic injections are performed in a highly precise ultrasound targeted manner. Nerve compressions, trauma and tumors can be visualized and graded precisely. 

Deeply located structures can be made accessible for diagnosis with the complementary magnetic resonance neurography. Ultrasound examination is indispensable for planning the MRI and improves the diagnostic quality enormously. The MR examination is subsequently possible in a focused and problem-oriented manner.