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Lisa Körner
Priv.-Doz. Dr. Lisa Körner, PhD

Department of Neurosurgery

ORCID: 000000029227461X


Digital Histopathology; Digital Medicine; Fluorescence; Intraoperative Tumor Visualization; Neurooncology; Stimulated Raman Histology

Research interests

  • Neurooncology
  • Digital Neuropathology
  • Stimulated Raman Histology
  • Fluorescence guided surgery
  • Intraoperative Tumor visualization

Selected publications

  1. Wadiura, L.I. et al. (2022) ‘Toward digital histopathological assessment in surgery for central nervous system tumors using stimulated Raman histology’, Neurosurgical Focus, 53(6), p. E12. Available at:
  2. Wadiura, L.I. et al. (2022) ‘Influence of dexamethasone on visible 5-ALA fluorescence and quantitative protoporphyrin IX accumulation measured by fluorescence lifetime imaging in glioblastomas: is pretreatment obligatory before fluorescence-guided surgery?’, Journal of Neurosurgery, 136(6), pp. 1542–1550. Available at:
  3. Wadiura, L.I. et al. (2020) ‘High Diagnostic Accuracy of Visible 5‐ALA Fluorescence in Meningioma Surgery According to Histopathological Analysis of Tumor Bulk and Peritumoral Tissue’, Lasers in Surgery and Medicine, 53(3), pp. 300–308. Available at:
  4. Hollon, T. et al. (2023) ‘Artificial-intelligence-based molecular classification of diffuse gliomas using rapid, label-free optical imaging’, Nature Medicine, 29(4), pp. 828–832. Available at:
  5. Wadiura, L.I. et al. (2020) ‘Influence of Corticosteroids and Antiepileptic Drugs on Visible 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Fluorescence in a Series of Initially Suspected Low-Grade Gliomas Including World Health Organization Grade II, III, and IV Gliomas’, World Neurosurgery, 137, pp. e437–e446. Available at: