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Michael Schemper
Michael Schemper, PhDFounder and former head of Institute

Center for Medical Data Science (Institute of Clinical Biometrics)
Position: Prof. emeritus


Logistic Models; Models, Statistical; Survival Analysis

Selected publications

  1. Gleiss, A. & Schemper, M. (2019): "Quantifying degrees of necessity and of sufficiency in cause‐effect relationships with dichotomous and survival outcomes", Statistics in Medicine 38, 4733 - 4748. Available at:
  2. Gleiss, A., Gnant, M. & Schemper, M. (2018): "Explained variation in shared frailty models", Statistics in Medicine 37, 1482-1490
  3. Schemper, M. & Henderson, R. (2000): "Predictive Accuracy and Explained Variation in Cox Regression", Biometrics 56, 249 - 255
  4. Schemper, M., Kaider, A., Wakounig, S. & Heinze, G. (2013): "Estimating the correlation of bivariate failure times under censoring", Statistics in Medicine 32, 4781-4790
  5. Schemper, M., Wakounig, S. & Heinze, G. (2009): "The estimation of average hazard ratios by weighted Cox regression", Statistics in Medicine 28, 2473 - 2489