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Noemi Kiss
Noemi Kiss, MSc.

Center for Public Health (Department of Health Economics)
Position: Research Assistant

ORCID: 0000-0001-6814-2804
T +43 1 40160 34845

Further Information


Aging; Economic Competition; Economic Development; Economics, Hospital; Economics, Medical; Economics, Pharmaceutical; Health Care Costs; Health Care Economics and Organizations; Health Care Evaluation Mechanisms; Health Care Reform; Health Care Surveys; Health economics; Home Care Services; Models, Economic; Nursing Homes; Nutrition Surveys; Nutrition Therapy; Oncology; Outcome Assessment (Health Care); Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine

Research group(s)

Research interests

Broad Interests:

  • Comparative health system economics and policy making
  • Economic evaluations for decision making and the development of health technology assessment institutions
  • Pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceuticals, devices, and services
  • Multi-sectoral and/or multi-payer interventions and services

Specific Interests:

  • Reablement, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, social services for elderly after a fall, medical event, or life event
  • The economics of hospital nutrition, ICU nutrition, nutrition in nursing homes, and nutrition in oncology
  • Physical therapy
  • Chronic back pain
  • Health care services in the home
  • Disinvestment mechanisms for hospitals and health care systems
  • Cost-effectiveness and cost-utility analysis
  • Ocular disease outcomes and cost-effectiveness
  • Weight loss outcomes and cost-effectiveness in obese individuals

Techniques, methods & infrastructure


  • Systematic reviews
  • Targeted reviews
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Cost-utility analysis
  • Statistical analysis (using Stata, R)
  • Multinational surveys
  • Native English speaker
  • Cost of illness studies

Selected publications

  1. Schneider, J.E. et al., 2011. Tobacco litter costs and public policy: a framework and methodology for considering the use of fees to offset abatement costs. Tobacco Control, 20(Supplement 1), pp.i36-i41. Available at:
  2. Schneider, J.E. et al., 2012. Economics of cancer biomarkers. Personalized Medicine, 9(8), pp.829-837. Available at:
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  4. Kiss, N. et al., 2012. PCN108 Quality of Life and Patient Preferences in Platinum Sensitive Ovarian Cancer. Value in Health, 15(7), p.A429. Available at:
  5. Kiss, N., Sidhu, M. & Tongbram, V., 2012. PRM42 Managing a Systematic Literature Review Project. Value in Health, 15(7), p.A467. Available at: