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Panagiotis Parsonidis
Panagiotis Parsonidis

Department of General Surgery (Division of Transplantation)
Position: PHD Student


Allografts; Biological Markers; Cytokines; Gene Expression; Immunosuppression; Lung Transplantation

Research interests

My research will focus on the follow up testing of patients who have received ECP therapy after lung transplantation. My work will focus on two main topics: the gene expression profile in PBMCs after prophylactic ECP treatment and the analysis of soluble factors released from stimulated PBMCs or are present in the serum of ECP-treated lung transplant patients. The overall goal is to correlate those factors and genes identified with long-term outcome after lung transplantation.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

For the gene expression analysis, bulk RNA sequencing will be performed accompanied by bioinformatics analysis. On the other hand, the identification of the soluble factors will be performed with immunoassays and the data will be also analyzed with bioinformatics tools. The validation of the genes and soluble factors identified will be performed with qPCR and ELISA or flow cytometry.