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Philipp Tschandl
ap.Prof. Priv.Doz. DI Dr. Philipp Tschandl, PhD

Department of Dermatology
Position: Associate Professor

ORCID: 0000-0003-0391-7810

Further Information


Diagnostic Imaging; Early Detection of Cancer; Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted; Neural Networks (Computer)

Selected publications

  1. Talavera‐Martinez, L. and Tschandl, P. (2023) ‘Automated dermatoscopic pattern discovery by clustering neural network output for human–computer interaction’, Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, 37(11). Available at:
  2. Katsch, F., Rinner, C. and Tschandl, P. (2022) ‘Comparison of convolutional neural network architectures for robustness against common artefacts in dermatoscopic images’, Dermatology Practical & Conceptual, p. e2022126. Available at:
  3. Wesinger, A. et al. (2022) ‘Application of an interactive diagnosis ranking algorithm in a simulated vignette-based environment for general dermatology’, Dermatology Practical & Conceptual, p. e2022117. Available at:
  4. Tschandl, P. et al. (2020) ‘Human–computer collaboration for skin cancer recognition’, Nature Medicine, 26(8), pp. 1229–1234. Available at:
  5. Tschandl, P., Rosendahl, C. and Kittler, H. (2018) ‘The HAM10000 dataset, a large collection of multi-source dermatoscopic images of common pigmented skin lesions’, Scientific Data, 5(1). Available at: