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Ass. Professor Walter Sandtner

Center for Physiology and Pharmacology (Institute of Pharmacology)
Position: Assistant Professor

ORCID: 0000-0003-3637-260X


Biophysics; Electrophysiology; Pharmacology

Selected publications

  1. A label-free approach to detect ligand binding to cell surface proteins in real time.
  2. A kinetic account for amphetamine-induced monoamine release.
  3. Occupancy of the Zinc-binding Site by Transition Metals Decreases the Substrate Affinity of the Human Dopamine Transporter by an Allosteric Mechanism.
  4. Electrogenic Binding of Intracellular Cations Defines a Kinetic Decision Point in the Transport Cycle of the Human Serotonin Transporter.
  5. Dual Action of Zn2+ on the Transport Cycle of the Dopamine Transporter.