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Anna Kitta
Dr. med. univ. Anna Kitta, BA

Department of Medicine I (Division of Palliative Medicine)
Position: Doctor-in-training

ORCID: 0000-0001-9102-593X


Advance Care Planning; Anthropology, Medical; Cachexia; Dyspnea; Mental Health; Pain Management; Palliative Care; Patient Care; Personal Narratives; Qualitative Research; Social Behavior; Symptom Assessment; Vomiting; Vulnerable Populations

Research interests

My main research focus is to capture patients' perspectives on and experiences of illness. I aim to give patients a voice in medical research, and to illuminate individual, social and cultural aspects of living with illness. My research focuses on individuals rather than diagnostic cases and seeks to understand feelings, thoughts, explanations and activities of daily life by observing, questioning and listening to the "real world" of the participants.
In addition I am interested in symptom management of palliative care patients, end-of-life-care and conversations, dignitiy therapy and doctor-patient-relationships.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

Qualitative methods, thematic analysis.

Selected publications

  1. Masel, E.K. et al., 2016. What Makes a Good Palliative Care Physician? A Qualitative Study about the Patient's Expectations and Needs when Being Admitted to a Palliative Care Unit T. Hosoda, ed. PLOS ONE, 11(7), p.e0158830. Available at:
  2. Masel, E.K. et al., 2017. Vitamin "G"arden: a qualitative study exploring perception/s of horticultural therapy on a palliative care ward. Supportive Care in Cancer, 26(6), pp.1799-1805. Available at:
  3. Kitta, Anna, 2012. Der Körper als Ort von Macht und Meinungen: Wie in Europa und Nordamerika der Umgang mit Krankheit und Gesundheit vom ExpertInnenwissen der Medizin beeinflusst wird. Austrian Studies in Social Anthropology, Journal 3/2012, 20p. URL: