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Gabor G. Kovacs
Assoc.Prof. Gabor G. Kovacs, MD PhD

Position: Associate Professor

T +43 1 40400 55070


Aged; alpha-Synuclein; Alzheimer Disease; Brain; Cerebrospinal Fluid; Creutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome; Dementia; Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration; Neurodegenerative Diseases; Parkinson Disease; Prion Diseases; Prions; Tauopathies; TDP-43 Proteinopathies

Research interests

My group's research focuses on the 1) Evaluation of the molecular pathological patterns associated with different clinical syndromes of neurodegenerative diseases; 2) Evaluation of phenotype/genotype correlations; 3) Definition of body-fluid biomarkers associated with morphologically defined phenotypes; 4) Evaluation of selective vulnerability and pathogenesis-related proteins in the brain; 5) Comparative studies of brain ageing and brain development. These studies are based on a large bio-bank of human autopsy brains and in vivo collection of body fluids from individuals with neurodegenerative diseases.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

Techniques: Brain banking; neuropathology; cell culture; immunohistochemistry; mophometry; biochemistry; ultrastructure;

Infrastructure: neuropathology, neurochemistry and molecular biology/genetics laboratory

Selected publications

  1. Kovacs, G., 2016. Molecular Pathological Classification of Neurodegenerative Diseases: Turning towards Precision Medicine. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 17(2), p.189. Available at:
  2. Kovacs, G.G. et al., 2016. Aging-related tau astrogliopathy (ARTAG): harmonized evaluation strategy. Acta Neuropathol, 131(1), pp.87-102. Available at:
  3. Kovacs, G.G. et al., 2014. Intracellular processing of disease-associated α-synuclein in the human brain suggests prion-like cell-to-cell spread. Neurobiology of Disease, 69, pp.76-92. Available at:
  4. Kovacs, G.G. et al., 2013. Non-Alzheimer neurodegenerative pathologies and their combinations are more frequent than commonly believed in the elderly brain: a community-based autopsy series. Acta Neuropathol, 126(3), pp.365-384. Available at:
  5. Kovacs, G.G. et al., 2008. White Matter Tauopathy With Globular Glial Inclusions: A Distinct Sporadic Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration. Journal of Neuropathology & Experimental Neurology, 67(10), pp.963-975. Available at: