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Maria Asisa Butollo
Mag. Maria Asisa Butollo

Teaching Center (Assessment & Skills)
Position: PHD Student

T +43 1 40160 36868


Psychology, Clinical; Social Support

Research interests

In my doctoral theses I want to find out more about experience of Simulation Patients (SP) in the setting of medical education. The protective role of Patient Centered Orientation for SPs in psychiatric courses will be explored as well.

Selected publications

  1. Lueger-Schuster, B., Butollo, A., Moy, Y., Jagsch, R., Gluck, T., Kantor, V., . . . Weindl, D. (2015). Aspects of social support and disclosure in the context of institutional abuse - long-term impact on mental health. BMC Psychology, 3(1), 19.
  2. Lueger-Schuster, B., Kantor, V., Weindl, D., Knefel, M., Butollo, A., Moy, Y., & Jagsch Gluck, T. (2014). Institutional abuse in the catholic church in Austria: types of abuse and impact on adult Survivors' mental health. Child Abuse & Neglect, 38(1), 52 - 65.