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Yvonne Schaffler
Mag. Dr. Yvonne Schaffler

Center for Public Health
Position: Lecturer

ORCID: 0000-0003-4068-8930


Anthropology, Medical

Research group(s)

  • Unit Medical Anthropology and Global Health
    Head: Ruth Kutalek
    Research Area: Research at the Unit focuses on the socio-cultural implications and perceptions of infectious diseases (Ebola viral disease, Lassa fever, measles, yellow fever), antimicrobial resistance (AMR), nutritional anthropology (e.g. geophagy), issues of access to health care for disadvantaged and vulnerable populations, mental health, representations of human bodies, human-animal-environment interactions, as well as anthropological perspectives in emergency response and humanitarian assistance.

Research interests

The Interaction of Sociocultural, Mental and Bodily Processes, that is, the ways in which a local social world gives significance and meaning to sensation, whether mental or bodily, and the behavioral practices (such as psychotherapy or local interventions) that may affect sensation.

Trauma and Dissociation/Mental Health of Refugees

Cultural Idioms of Distress

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

  • Qualitative Study Designs (Narrative and Semi-Structured Interviews, Grounded Theory, Documentary Method)
  • Mixed Method Designs

Selected publications

  1. Cardena, E., & Schaffler, Y. (2018). "He who has spirits must work a lot": A psycho-anthropological account of spirit possession in the Dominican Republic. Ethos, 46, 457-476.
  2. Schaffler, Y., Cardena, E., Reijman, S., & Haluza, D. (2016). Traumatic experiences and somatoform dissociation among spirit possession practitioners in the Dominican Republic. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, 40, 74,
  3. Ammer, Margit; Ruth Kronsteiner; Yvonne Schaffler; Barbara Kurz and Marion Kremla (2013). Krieg und Folter im Asylverfahren. Eine juristische und psychotherapeutische Studie (War and Torture in Asylum Procedures. A Psychotherapeutic and Legal Study), Wien: NWV Verlag