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Yvonne Schaffler
Mag. Dr. Yvonne Schaffler

Center for Public Health
Position: Lecturer

ORCID: 0000-0003-4068-8930


Anthropology, Medical

Research interests

The Interaction of Sociocultural, Mental and Bodily Processes, that is, the ways in which a local social world gives significance and meaning to sensation, whether mental or bodily, and the behavioral practices (such as psychotherapy or local interventions) that may affect sensation.

Trauma and Dissociation/Mental Health of Refugees

Cultural Idioms of Distress

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

  • Qualitative Study Designs (Narrative and Semi-Structured Interviews, Grounded Theory, Documentary Method)
  • Mixed Method Designs

Selected publications

  1. Cardena, E., & Schaffler, Y. (2018). "He who has spirits must work a lot": A psycho-anthropological account of spirit possession in the Dominican Republic. Ethos, 46, 457-476.
  2. Schaffler, Y., Cardena, E., Reijman, S., & Haluza, D. (2016). Traumatic experiences and somatoform dissociation among spirit possession practitioners in the Dominican Republic. Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry, 40, 74,
  3. Ammer, Margit; Ruth Kronsteiner; Yvonne Schaffler; Barbara Kurz and Marion Kremla (2013). Krieg und Folter im Asylverfahren. Eine juristische und psychotherapeutische Studie (War and Torture in Asylum Procedures. A Psychotherapeutic and Legal Study), Wien: NWV Verlag