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Marija Prentovic
MSc Marija Prentovic

Department of Otorhinolaryngology
Position: Research Assistant

Further Information


Pollen; Pollen Allergy; Pollination

Research group(s)

  • Aerobiology and pollen information

Research interests

In the frame of the AIS LIFE project, my aim is to improve pollen-related allergic respiratory disease management contributing to the improvement of disease control and quality of life of allergy sufferers. My research interests lie on the changes in pollination of allergenic plant (especially ragweed) in relation on variation of abiotic and biotic environmental factors and its influence on public health.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

We apply standard light microscopy to determine and count pollen and spores from aerobiological samples. I also have experience in statistical forecasting of airborne pollen and crop production in relation of the weather condition.

Selected publications

  1. Bonini, M. et al., 2015. Is the recent decrease in airborne Ambrosia pollen in the Milan area due to the accidental introduction of the ragweed leaf beetle Ophraella communa? Aerobiologia, 31(4), pp.499-513. Available at: