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Allan Hummer
Allan Hummer, MSc

Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering
Position: PHD Student

T +43 1 40400 17930


Biomedical Engineering; Functional Magnetic Resonance; Retinotopy; Visual Perception

Research interests

Allan Hummer is a PhD student at the Medical University of Vienna. The topic of his master thesis was retinotopic mapping of the visual cortex. He also conducted his bachelor thesis, which focused on resting state networks at the MR Centre of Excellence.

Selected publications

  1. Seiger, R. et al., 2015. Voxel-based morphometry at ultra-high fields. A comparison of 7T and 3T MRI data. NeuroImage, 113, pp.207-216. Available at:
  2. Sladky R, Spies M, Hoffmann A, Kranz G, Hummer A, Gryglewski G, Lanzenberger R, Windischberger C, Kasper S (2015) (S)-citalopram influences amygdala modulation in healthy subjects: a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind fMRI study using dynamic causal modeling Neuroimage, 113: 207-216
  3. Kranz, G.S. et al., 2014. White Matter Microstructure in Transsexuals and Controls Investigated by Diffusion Tensor Imaging. Journal of Neuroscience, 34(46), pp.15466-15475. Available at:
  4. Seidel, E.-M. et al., 2014. Uncertainty during pain anticipation: The adaptive value of preparatory processes. Hum. Brain Mapp., 36(2), pp.744-755. Available at:
  5. Hahn, A. et al., 2014. Structural Connectivity Networks of Transgender People. Cerebral Cortex, 25(10), pp.3527-3534. Available at: