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"Adjunct professor" is an honorary title which is awarded to outstanding people who are closely connected to MedUni Vienna. As a result, MedUni Vienna consolidates its research excellence, strengthens its worldwide network and crafts international cooperation.

Adjunct Professor

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Marek Babjuk

Marek Babjuk

Department of Urology

Adjunct Professor: since 2016

I cooperate for many years with professor Shahrokh Shariat, chairman of Urological Department. We have both the same scientific interest, which si the management of urothelial tumours. We met already during hist stay in USA and conntacts dramatically improved after his comeback to Vienna. We are both members of the Guidelines panel on Non.muscle invasive Bladder Cancer of European Association of Urology (EAU), participate on many research projects and publish together several papers. Professor Shariat built in MedUni prestigious urological department with enormous extent of scientific activities and fantastic young team. For me it is always a pleasure to come to Vienna for joint meetings or lectures.

MedUni is for me symbiosis of historical tradition connected with names like Van Swieten, Rokitansky or Landsteiner and modern progressive Medical School. Historically, Vienna represents a natural intelectual center of Central European Region and the bridge between Eastern and Western Europe.
Department of Urology is today wanderful demonstration of this connecting role. There is no doubt, that it improves the quality of patients´ management and efficacy of research activities in the whole region.

Frank Bretz

Frank Bretz

Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics and Intelligent Systems

Adjunct Professor: since 2016

Innovative statistical and data science approaches addressing the emerging challenges in the analysis of routine as well as clinical trial data are essential to foster medical progress and support policy making. With this in mind, the Medical University of Vienna brought together several hundred quantitative scientists from academia, industry, and regulatory agencies in 2017 under the theme "Quantifying Life. Advancing Research. Enabling Decisions". I will always remember the lively scientific discussions with colleagues from all over the world as well as the social program, including the welcome reception at the Great Ball Room of Vienna’s city hall and an open-ended session at a local "Heurigen".

As one of the oldest medical schools in the world, it is my honor to serve as an Adjunct Professor at the Medical University of Vienna. For more than 15 years I have been collaborating with its Center for Medical Statistics, Informatics, and Intelligent Systems, one of the leading centers for medical statistics in the world and the 'birthplace' of modern adaptive clinical trial designs. It is a wonderful place where I have benefitted so much in the past that I look to continue my engagement with the entire team around Martin Posch and Franz König.


Andreas Du Bois

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Adjunct Professor: since 2016

My moment of the MedUni Vienna started much earlier than my first visit. Prof. Kölbl and myself were neighbors when he was the Ordinarius of Gynecology in Mainz and started already a friendly cooperation within several clinical studies. When I founded the AGO Study group Germany and started  several international clinical trials Austria was missing at those early years. I tried to support the Austrian colleagues when they built their own AGO study group and got into contact with colleagues in Graz, Innsbruck and Vienna - Prof. Alexander Reinthaler being the most prominent partner through these years. We started cooperation in several clinical trials including our early surgical studies. Vienna became a partner and friend-institution then with several meetings and presentations both here and there.  A rememberance of the great history of the Vienna University was the honour to receive the AGO Austrian Wertheim Award in 2006, a prize named after one of the greatest Gynecological Oncologists of the World - and of Vienna. A special momentum came when I gave my talk about ovarian cancer within the CCC grand rounds in the Jugendstilhörsaal, a place where probably Wertheim had also taught colleagues and students. Although it has been renovated completely, I could merely feel the spirit of great and inspirational leaders in our field of medicine, such as Ignaz Semmelweis, Ernst Wertheim, and Friedrich Schauta, who all worked and taught at the Medical University of Vienna. It was an honor and an inspiration to give a talk within this setting with a history of 650 years.

I associate with the MedUni Vienna a university with a long tradition in medicine in general and with gynecology and gynecologic oncology in particular. I also associate with the MedUni Vienna a very intense and fruitful collaboration. Within the last years we have established an exchange within the "gynecologic oncology fellowship" program with already two doctors of the MedUni Vienna training at my institution each for 18months, Prof. Christoph Grimm and Prof. Richard Schwameis. Since 2014 we have already published 11 scientific papers (eight in top-journals in the field),  many abstracts and congress presentations, and currently there are five projects (three translational projects and two clinical trials) collaboration with the MedUni Vienna.  I appreciate the MedUni Vienna as a dedicated partner in the field of Gynecologic Oncology, a reliable partner in our struggle to build evidence and improve standards in this field.

Jason S. Lewis

Jason S. Lewis

Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy

Adjunct Professor: since 2019

Interacting with the clinical and basic science trainees is easily the highpoint of my interactions with the University.  The opportunity to teach and interact with these curious young minds is superb.

When I think of the MedUni Vienna the words excellence, vison and innovation come to mind. The Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy is a world leader and has a significant and broad impact on the diagnostic and treatment of disease across the globe.

Otto Muzik

Otto Muzik

Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

Adjunct Professor: since 2016

When I was introduced as Adjunct Professor to the young Faculty and student body – seeing the next generation of researchers and realizing that what I do here might change the way how they will pursue their future career.

A very international place of learning where people from different walks of life come together to gain knowledge and move the field of medical research forward.

Thomas Schnalke

Thomas Schnalke

Ethik, Sammlungen und Geschichte der Medizin

Adjunct Professor: since 2018

My very moment of MedUni Vienna is surely Vienna’s outstanding medical history, collected, reflected and cared for at the superb Josephinum. With great interest I follow and—to some modest degree—advise the ongoing renovation of this unique university museum. I am convinced that the new Josephinum will become one of the key features in the international perception of MedUni Vienna in the future.

For me, MedUni Vienna forms one of the most eminent venues where modern medicine is rooted. Starting as one of the early European medical faculties, its concepts, ideas and medical practices had the utmost impact on the development of western medicine. Its famous ‘schools’ (First and Second Wiener Medizinische Schule) with prominent protagonists like Gerard van Swieten, Johann Peter Frank and Carl von Rokitansky paved the way for a truly modern way of medical thinking, research, teaching and treatment. One of most impressive and quintessential documents of the medical standards Viennese medicine continuously tried to achieve and maintain can be viewed in MedUni Vienna’s excellent Josephinum: the outstanding 18th century wax models of the complete human anatomy.

Nikolaus Weiskopf

Nikolaus Weiskopf

the Center for Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering

Adjunct Professor: since 2020

I have been thoroughly enjoying the collaborations on MRI with different scientists at MedUni Vienna over the past 10 years. They delightfully pair scientific excellence with professionalism and friendliness.

I associate long-standing cutting edge research on 7T MRI with MedUni Vienna, covering a very broad range of topics from methods development to applications.