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Translational Oncology & Immuno-Oncology
+ Onkologischer Pflegefachtag
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New Frontiers in Translational Oncology & Immuno-Oncology

Symposium of the Comprehensive Cancer Center, Vienna
April 27th - 28th, 2023


The CCC-TRIO Symposium is an event that brings together national and international experts to share their latest translational research projects in precision medicine and immuno-oncology. This symposium is an opportunity for scientists, clinicians, and researchers to come together and share their knowledge and experience, and to discuss the latest developments in these fields. By establishing a scientific network of experts, the symposium aims to promote collaboration and the exchange of ideas, which can ultimately lead to further advancements in cancer treatment.

+ Onkologischer Pflegefachtag

For the first time, there will also be an oncology nursing day at Trio 2023. Erstmals findet am TRIO 2023 ein Fachtag Onkologische Pflege statt. (Language Nurse Track: German/Vortragssprache Pflegefachtag: Deutsch).

This event will be approved with 15 DFP Points by the Austrian Medical Chamber's training program (DFP).

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