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ABGESAGT: 3. Donausymposium


19. März 2020 - 20. März 2020
9:00 - 18:00

Imperial Riding School Renaissance Vienna Hotel, Vienna, Austria

Joint 3rd Donau Symposium and 4th AIT Austrian Biomarker Symposium


In the era of precision or personalized medicine, biomarkers have been recognized as key for patient stratification in pharmaceutical development and clinical patient selection to improve treatment efficacy and outcome. Through a convergent approach of diagnostic disciplines like molecular pathology, laboratory medicine and molecular imaging, diagnostic biomarkers have widely entered an evidence level that enables clinical use.

This meeting will highlight important aspects of image based and other noninvasive biomarker derivation and quantification. The 3rd Danube Symposium takes place in close succession of the 2014 and 2016 Danube Symposia and will be co-organized with the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology.
Highlights of the 2020 meeting include dedicated sessions on novel technologies in the context of liquid biopsy analysis, whole body dynamic molecular imaging as well as the establishment of novel biomarkers on organ crosstalk and systemic signaling. A clear focus in this year`s meeting will be the clinical evidence of diagnostic biomarkers in addition to novel approaches in systems medicine. The meeting is open to free papers, which will be presented as posters and rapid-fire talks (Submission deadline: 2020/01/31).

The 3rd "Danube Symposium" meeting, together with the 4th AIT Austrian Biomarker Symposium, intends to provide a forum to open-minded experts both from academia and industry in the field of molecular pathology, laboratory medicine, nuclear medicine, clinical pharmacology and their clinical partners from oncology and cardiovascular medicine who share the vision of bringing together and uniting molecular diagnostics with imaging and like to engage in advancing effective and individualized treatments based on novel and validated diagnostic approaches.

The "3rd Donau Symposium" will be accredited with 14 DFP points. Final approval from the Austrian Medical Chamber is pending.

Organizing Bodies:
MedUni Vienna, AIT, LBI Applied Diagnostics


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