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7th ESPEN Symposium


27. Oktober 2019
8:30 - 18:00

28. Oktober 2019
9:00 - 13:15

Van Swieten Saal der Medizinsichen Universität Wien
Van-Swieten-Gasse 1a
1090 Wien

The 7th ESPEN Symposium will take place at the Van Swieten Haal of the Medical University of Viennaon the 27 and 28 October 2019.


Sunday, October 27

  • 08.30-12.30 Pierre Singer and Claude Pichard
  • 12.30 Registration and Lunch
  • 13.20 Introduction and Welcome
    D. Lobo
  • 13.30 The History of predictive equations
    C. Pichard
  • 13.50 Critical analysis of the value of weight: ideal, observed, adjusted, measured?
    M. Hiesmayr
  • 14.10 Predictive equations, should we measure or calculate?
    M. de van der Schueren
  • 14.30 Predictive equations for the normal individual and for the disease
    M. Coëffier
  • 15.00 From the cell to predictive equations/measurements of resting energy expenditure
    E. Fontaine
  • 15.30 Body composition parameters to improve the validity of the equations
    K. Norman
  • 16.00 Coffee Break
  • 16.30 How to predict/measure energy expenditure in critically ill patients
    P. Singer
  • 17.00 The obese patient and its energy requirements
    E. Fontaine
  • 17.30 How to plan a nutritional therapy in the elderly regarding calories
    T. Cederholm
  • 19.30 Symposium Dinner


Monday, October 28

  • 09.00 Value of stress factors in surgery/trauma
    D. Lobo
  • 09.20 How to evaluate energy requirements in the co-morbid patient?
    M. Hiesmayr
  • 09.40 Does gender play a role in energy requirements evaluation?
    K. Norman
  • 10.00 Cancer and energy expenditure. Does it play a role?
    A. Laviano
  • 10.30 Should we continue to use predictive
    Pro: M. de van der Schueren
    Con: C. Pichard
  • 11.00 Coffee Break
  • 11.30 The predictive equations in ESPEN guidelines
    P. Singer
  • 11.45 The use of FFMI in the diagnosis of malnutrition: a must?
    T. Cederholm
  • 12.00 Body composition values as an alternative. Value and precision in normal individual and disease
    M. Coëffier
  • 12.20 The future of predictive equations to predict and guide calorie prescription in acutely ill patients / in chronic disease: a critical analysis
    A. Laviano
  • 12.40 The ESPEN Perspective
    R. Barazzoni
  • 13.00 Closing Remarks
    P. Singer
  • 13.15 Farewell Buffet and Departure


Online registration at

Symposium fees
Espen Member*: € 144.00
Espen Non Member: € 180.00
* 2019 regular membership is required.

LLL Course fee
€ 40.00
The fee includes: admittance to the Scientific Sessions; Conference kit; Certificate of attendance; CME credits (if achieved); Coffee break and lunch