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Colloquium in Cell Communication


16. Jänner 2019
8:28 - 8:28

31. Jänner 2019
13:00 - 15:00

Vienna Competence Centre, Seminar Room 1. floor
Lazarettgasse 19
1090 Vienna

On Thursday, January 31, Dr. Robert Köchl will held a seminar about "Novel kinases controlling T cell development, trafficking and immune responses" at 1.00 pm in the seminar room (1. floor) of the Vienna Competence Centre.

Dr. Robert Köchl
Having studied Biology in Innsbruck Robert Köchl moved to the UK to Cancer Research UK's London Research Institute for his PhD and then to the MRC National Institute for Medical Research and later the Francis Crick Institute for his postdoc. Since 2017 Robert leads his own group at King's College London.
Robert’s research focuses on understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underpin lymphocyte cell adhesion and migration. A failure of lymphocytes to adhere, detach and ultimately  migrate properly has severe consequences for human health and either directly causes or contributes to several types of severe illnesses.

Selected Publications:

  • Köchl R, Thelen F, Vanes L, Brazao TF, Fountain K, Xie J, HuangCL, Lyck R, Stein JV, Tybulewicz VL. WNK1 kinase balances T cell adhesion versus migration in vivo. Nature Immunology. 2016

  • Ksionda O, Saveliev A, Köchl R, Rapley J, Faroudi M, Smith-GarvinJE, Wülfing C, Rittinger K, Carter T, Tybulewicz VL. Mechanism and function of Vav1 localisation in TCR signalling. J Cell Sci. 2012