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Contrast-enhanced micro-CT imaging of soft tissue ex vivo


24. April 2019
13:00 - 14:30

Vienna General Hospital
Level 7F, Pokieser-Seminarraum
Währinger Gürtel 18-20, 1090 Vienna

MIC – Lecture: “Contrast-enhanced micro-CT imaging of soft tissue ex vivo” with Heinz Redl, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Experimental and Clinical Traumatology in the AUVA trauma research center, Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration

Contrast-enhanced micro-CT imaging of soft tissue ex vivo 
H. Redl, D. Hercher, N. Swiadek, P. Heimel, P. Slezak
Microcomputed tomography (μCT) with high resolution is widely used for the study of mineralized tissues but a similar use for soft tissues is usually hindered by their low X-ray attenuation. This limitation can be overcome by the recent development of different staining techniques. Staining with Lugol’s solution or Hafnium-based Wells-Dawson Polyoxometalate (Hf-POM)( coop. Greet Kerckhof, Univ. Leuven) allows application to soft tissue and cartilage. We seek to optimize the quality and reproducibility of the staining for ex vivo visualization of soft tissues in the context of peripheral nerve and CNS experimental models as well will give other examples of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration.  We show that the staining result not only depends on the concentration of the staining solution, but also on the amount of stain in relation to the tissue volume and composition, necessitating careful adaptation of the staining protocol to the respective specimen tissue.  This information also helps in deciding the region of interest for histological imaging and provides a 3D context to histological findings. Correlating both imaging modalities has the potential to improve the understanding of the regenerative process. 
Biographical Sketch
Heinz Redl PhD has a background in biochemistry and ultrastructural research with > 40 years experience in trauma research and holds the position of an Associated Professor at the Technical University Vienna, Institute for Chemical Engineering.  He is director of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of experimental and clinical Traumatology within the main trauma research center of AUVA representing 7 trauma and 4 rehabilitation centers, professor at the Technical University Vienna, and coordinator of the Austrian Cluster for Tissue Regeneration. He is/has been member/officer of several societies including chair of TERMIS-EU and editorial boards (e.g. Tissue Eng., J.TERM, European Cells and Materials J.), founder of Trauma Care Consult company, co-founder of Liporegena and consultant for multiple companies covering product registration at FDA and EMA. He has also organized many conferences incl. the world congress TERMIS 2012 and workshops (e.g. Wigger-Bernard Conferences, Winterschools Radstadt). His expertise includes: Experience in different fields of tissue regeneration, co-developer of the fibrin sealant system (>30 years), developer of surgical devices in current clinical use and many collaboration projects with major industry partners. >500 Medline cited papers, >20 patents. He has also participated in several EC projects including e.g. NoE Expertissues, Angioscaff, Biodesign, IMCOSS, UGEN. 

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