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From Medical Physics to Medicine – An Imaging Perspective. Introducing Our Adjunct Professors.


03. Oktober 2016
11:00 - 15:00

Van Swieten Saal, Medical University of Vienna
Van-Swieten-Gasse 1a
1090 Vienna

Our center‘s research activities span from methodological and technical developments for preclinical and clinical imaging modalities, through advances in data handling and analysis to new concepts of applying bioengineering innovation to patient care. As such we seek to actively promote medical physics and biomedical engineering as integral parts of clinical research and patient management within the objectives of the Medical University of Vienna.
In an effort to highlight contributions to the research activities of our University a number of Adjunct Professorships have recently been awarded to key experts from clinical and scientific fields. With great pleasure we would like to introduce four of our Adjunct Professors who have been engaged for a long time in the widened field of imaging sciences: James G. Fujimoto, Otto Muzik, Graham J. Kemp and Arno Villringer.
This symposium brings together all four Adjunct Professors and colleagues from the university to share their visions on science and research in selected field of medical imaging, with a particular focus on optical imaging, molecular imaging and magnetic resonance imaging. Thus, we kindly invite you to our symposium “From Medical Physics to Medicine” to welcome our new Adjunct Professors and make them feel as a part of a truly cross-specialty and forward looking team of imaging users and supporters.

Wolfgang Drexler, Ewald Moser and Thomas Beyer

Invitation and Program


Medical University of Vienna
Center for Medical Physics and
Biomedical Engineering
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