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Health Care and Civil Protection in Crisis - 123sonography


17. März 2022
17:00 - 20:00


Innerhalb weniger Wochen hat sich unser Weltbild grundlegend verändert. Wir machen uns Sorgen um unsere Sicherheit und um die Sicherheit anderer. Die Ukraine-Krise hat betrifft aber auch das Gesundheitswesen.

Themen wie Katastrophenmedizin, Strahlenschutz, Hilfe für Zivilisten und Soldaten sowie Zivilschutz stehen nun im Mittelpunkt.  123sonography versteht sich als Informations- und „Content“ Anbieter „ für die medizinische Fachwelt. Während unser Hauptaugenmerk im Bereich des  diagnostischen medizinischen Ultraschall liegt, sehen wir uns auch in der Verantwortung, Wissen für jene bereitzustellen, die sich selbst schützen oder anderen helfen möchten.  So wie auch während der COVID Pandemie halten wir ein offenes Webinar ab in dem Experten aus dem Zivilschutz, Katastrophenmedizin, Strahlenmedizin, Notfallmedizin und Wundversorgung wichtige Themen diskutieren und häufig gestellte Fragen beantworten.


Within only a few weeks, our perception of Europe and the World has changed. The Ukraine crisis has also changed our view on health care. Topics such as catastrophe medicine, radiation protection, aid to civilians and soldiers, and civil defense are now in the spotlight.

123sonography sees itself as an information and content provider to the medical community. While our primary focus is on diagnostic medical ultrasound, we also see it as our responsibility to provide knowledge to all those who want to protect themselves or help others.

Therefore, we put together a program including experts from civil defense, catastrophe medicine, radiation medicine, emergency medicine, and wound management to answer your questions and in an attempt to provide humanitarian aid to all of those involved.



Target Audience
Medical doctors and health care providers
Civilians involved in humanitarian aid
Everyone interested in the topic

Mag. Kathrin Biernat,
CEO 123sonography, Krav Maga Global (Austria), Civil Defense Instructor

Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas Binder
Founder, CFO 123sonography, Kardiologe, Leiter: Digitale Lehre Teaching Center Medizinische Universität Wien

Date: 17.03.2020 17:00 CEST

Duration:  3 hours Webinar + Q+A session

Language: English


Civil Protection in times of crisis
Topics: How to hide? What to avoid? Helping others? (Top 10 tips for civilians in crisis) Sasha Baumeister
Krav Maga Global, Expert 3, Board of Directors KMG Germany, private security specialist
30 min

Conflict Medicine - Helping others
Topics: What are you ready to do? Ethical questions, Triage, surviving when supplies are limited
Tal Kvores
Family medicine specialist, Krav Maga global expert 4, former Israeli Defense Force paratrooper.

Accidental Radiation Exposure – Medical implications – Learning’s from the „past“
Topics: Medical risks, Who is at risk?  Iodine supplementation, Long and short term effects of radiation
Univ. Doz. Dr. Dr. Gerold Porenta
Nuclear Medicine Specialist, Cardiologist / Vienna

Emergency Equipment - what should we have at hand?
Topics: First aid in the field, equipment for basic and advanced support
Benjamin Thal MD   
Senior Physician Rescue Service / Vienna

Wound management when resources are limited
Topics: Principles of wound management, Disinfection alternatives, and Emergency kit – bandages, Do’s and Don’ts in gun-, stab- and bite wounds.
Christoph Zoelss MD
Surgeon – Wound management Specialist / Gesundheitszentrum für Chirurgie, Graz

Catastrophe medicine – Considerations?
Topics: With which scenarios could our health care system be confronted? Logistics, catastrophe planning, scenarios
Alexander Nürnberger
Emergency medicine physician – Catastrophe Medicine representative Medical University of Vienna


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