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Hypospadias and Differences in Sexual Development (DSD)


14. September 2018
14:00 - 16:00

Seminarraum, Ebene 4, Kinderoperatives Zentrum, Allgemeines Krankenhaus der Stadt Wien/Medizinische Universität Wien


Martine COOLS, Ghent/Belgium: The (Pediatric) Endocrinology – Urology – Psychology services as the core of the multidisciplinary DSD team

Lloyd TACK, Ghent/Vienna: Hypospadias Long-term Endocrine and Reproductive Outcome: Protocol and preliminary data from a Ghent-Vienna collaborative study

Alexander SPRINGER, Vienna, Austria: Long-term data in hypospadias surgery – Implications for management?

Coffee break

Ursula TONNHOFER, Vienna, Austria: The anogenital distance – An important parameter in the management of hypospadias?

Stefan RIEDL, C. Forstenlehner, SF. Ahmed, J. Bryce, O. Hiort, A. Springer: Current surgical practice in DSD: results of the COST/DSDnet surgery survey


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