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International Scientific Conference - Dopamine 2016


05. September 2016 - 08. September 2016
9:00 - 22:00

Campus of the University of Vienna
and Center for Brain Research , Medical University of Vienna
Vienna, Austria

Dopamine is one of the major catecholaminergic neurotransmitters in the brain. It controls movement and plays a major role in the development of addiction and psychotic illness. The lack of dopaminergic innervation underlies the clinical picture of Parkinson's disease - which is of special importance to the current application.
Furthermore, we will celebrate the 90th birthday of Oleh Hornykiewicz with a special plenary symposium highlighting current research themes in Parkinson's disease (listed below). The format of our conference specifically supports the interaction between senior researchers and junior fellows: we plan (i) to grant junior fellowships/travel grants to foster the attendance of young fellows - with the help of the current grant application - and (ii) the speakers for short oral communications have predominantly been chosen from the junior attendants to give them an increased visibility.


Invited Plenary speakers:
Abi-Dargham Anissa (CUMC, USA)
Deisseroth Carl (Stanford, USA)
Janak Patricia (JHU, USA)
Lüscher Christian (Univ. Geneva, CH)
Robbins Trevor (Cambridge, UK)
Volkow Nora (NIDA, USA)
Weinstein Harel (Cornell, USA)
Wightman Mark (UNC, USA)
Invited speakers for the Hornykiewicz Birthday Symposium:
Graybiel Ann M. (MIT, Boston)
Poewe Werner (MUI, Innsbruck)
Schlossmacher Michael (OHRI, Ottawa)
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Univ. Prof. Dr. Harald Sitte & Univ. Prof. Dr. Matthäus Willeit
Medical University of Vienna