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MCCA Thesis Seminar on New Technologies Workshop: ALLEX – Allergy Explorer


08. Mai 2019
15:00 - 17:00

Seminar room 1st floor
Institute of Immunology, CPII, MedUni Vienna
Lazarettgasse 19

Allergy is a widespread disease, which is becoming increasingly common worldwide and has a tendency to get worse with time. Currently, allergic diseases affect hundreds of millions of Europeans. According to the EU Parliament, every second patient is misdiagnosed, leading to insufficient treatment and excessive health care spending. The existing standard technologies only fit existing reimbursement schemes of few single tests per patient, but cannot overcome this problem. They are too expensive, don’t deliver molecular test results routinely, and often misleading results based on CCDs or cross-reactivities lead to wrong conclusions. Dr. Christian Harwanegg will talk about why allergies are such complex-multi-factorial diseases and detail why they require complex multi-parameter diagnostic tools to deliver the correct diagnosis for every patient.



Seminar on : “ALLEX – Allergy Explorer: The latest Innovation for Diagnosis of Type I Allergies

(Christian Harwanegg, PhD, CEO MacroArray Diagnostics)



Ursula Smole, PhD, MCCA Coordinator