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MIC-LECTURE: Telemedicine at the Medical University of Vienna - an interdisciplinary approach


16. Juni 2021
14:00 - 16:00

Online - Lecture

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The digitisation of medicine has developed in great strides and this has been accelerated significantly in the Covid phase. Digital methods are the prerequisite for realistic and efficient telemedicine. Clinical subjects with a high diagnostic component in imaging are particularly well suited for this and have been involved for some time. Structures required for use in telemedicine include a precise definition of the clinical orientation, an adapted infrastructure and intramural as well as extramural communication with the communicating partners, either physicians or patients, and technological tools that are user-friendly and reliable. In the course of establishing telemedicine services, coding and reimbursement issues also need to be resolved. Telemedicine is an essential and inevitable development path in almost all clinical disciplines. In this context, requirements arise that are superordinate and not subject-specific, but also major subject-internal expansions and restructurings.



Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth: Telemedicine in ophthalmology

Renate Kain: Telemedicine in pathology

Alexandra Kautzky-Willer: Telemedicine in diabetes

Harald Kittler: Telemedicine in dermatology

Daniel Aletaha: Telemedicine in rheumatology

Paul Plener: Telemedicine in psychiatry

Christoph Aufricht: Telemedicine in paediatrics