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Patient-reported outcomes and preferences: understanding what really matters


21. September 2018
8:30 - 11:00

Medical University of Vienna
Spitalgasse 23
1090 Vienna

The aim of our outcomes research breakfast is to facilitate discussions about what we measure and how we measure outcomes in healthcare in Austria.

How can we ensure that we measure what really matters to patients? Which score or questionnaire should a clinician or a researcher choose? Do young patients have different needs in terms of outcome measures than older adults? In this regard, it is important to understand outcomes research as an interdisciplinary initiative that involves many different healthcare professions and institutions.

This is our second event in order to follow up on the established “Qualitative Methods and Patient Reported Outcomes Forum” in Austria. We aim to develop further cooperations and activities in this direction. We warmly welcome the people who have already joined the Forum, as well as many other interested researchers and clinicians. Following a keynote address and two scientific presentations, you are invited to a networking breakfast.

Tanja Stamm
Professor of Outcomes Research




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