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Medical Rotation Organization in the US

On behalf of Peter J. Morin M.D., Ph.D., I would like to invite you to pass along our Medical Training Program opportunities for your medical students.


Due to high demand, we have added an addition Medical Rotation Training Program for the first weeks of August, 2016.  Medical students in all years may apply.


The International Medical Research Collaborative - based in Boston and the only non-profit Medical Rotation organization in the US (scholarships are available) - is now offering full-service clinical and research Medical Training opportunities for the summer of 2016.


We have added a new program for early August due to high demand.




The Medical Rotation Training Programs last up to 6 weeks and are designed to introduce medical students and physicians to American medicine. Participants are matched with hospital-based mentors for up to 4 weeks, and IMRCo provides extensive orientation courses and career counseling at both ends. Lodging and transportation are included. Students just have to show up and learn.




Medical Research Training Programs include placement in medical research laboratories for up to 4 weeks, lodging, and work-related transportation. The research program positions for 2016 are limited.