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Andreas Peyrl
Dr. Andreas Peyrl

Department of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine (Division of Neonatology, Intensive Care Medicine and Neuropediatrics)
Position: Associate Professor

ORCID: 0000-0002-5736-8231


Neurooncology; Pediatrics

Research interests

The interest of my research is focused on pediatric brain tumors, especially in the recurrent situation. The primary research interest is the identification of drivers of the disease, mainly in the CSF, and particular targeted on medulloblastoma and the identification of biological factors that lead to recurrence. The basic and translational research is focused on the microenvironment of tumors, especially the CSF, with the key aspects of antiangiogenic therapy and intraventricular therapy.

The clinical research centers on the development of new (targeted) therapies for children with brain tumors. We initiated the  MEMMAT trial (Medulloblastoma European Multitarget Metronomic Anti-Angiogenic Trial), an academic phase II study for patients with recurrent or progressive medulloblastoma ( Identifier: NCT01356290).

Selected publications

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