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Wolfgang Schreiner
o.Univ.Prof. Wolfgang Schreiner, PhDHead of Biosimulation and Bioinformatics

Center for Medical Data Science (Institute of Biosimulation and Bioinformatics)
Position: Professor

T +43 1 40400 66790

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Computational Biology; Medical Informatics Computing; Models, Cardiovascular; Models, Immunological; Models, Molecular; Molecular Dynamics Simulation; Systems Biology

Research interests

My present research covers 2 main fields:

  • Computational modelling of immune recognition

We perform molecular dynamics simulations to elucidate the mechanisms of immune-recognition of MHC-bound peptides by T-cell-receptors. Molecular motions are first simulated (Molecular dynamics) and then statistically analysed to shed light on the mechanisms of peptide recognition an an atomistic basis.

  •  Computational models for molecular medicine

Omics data from humans are modelled by networks, combining reference data from databases on the WEB with measurements of inhouse patients. In addition to statistical evaluation, these models also include a priori known interactions between several types of molecules (DNA, RNA, Proteins). Presently we focus on isolating clusters of co-regulated genes by various unsupervised methds, comparing the perfrmances of methods already known from literature with those newly developed.

During my work at the department of cardiac surgery (1989 - 1995) my  field of research was:

  • Vascular modelling

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

  • Molecular dynamics simulations
  • Advanced algorithms for statistical evaluation of intramolecular motion
  • Generating networks of cooperating genes and molecules 4 systems medicine
  • Optimization algorithms


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