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Katja Pinker-Domenig
Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Katja Pinker-Domenig, EBBIAssociate Professor of Radiology

Department of Biomedical Imaging and Image-guided Therapy (Division of General and Paediatric Radiology)
Position: Associate Professor

ORCID: 0000-0002-2722-7331
T +43 1 40400 76400


Breast Neoplasms; Cervix Uteri; Diagnostic Imaging; Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging; Molecular Imaging; Positron-Emission Tomography; Prostate; Ultrahigh field MRI

Research group(s)

Research interests

  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy Moitoring with Advanced methods,
  • High-field and Ultra-High Field MR Imaging,
  • Multiparametric PET/MRI of the Breast, Prostate and Cervix Cancer,
  • Molecular Imaging of the Breast Cancer,
  • PET/MRI in Oncologic Gender Imaging, 
  • Pre-clinical Oncologic and Molecular Imaging.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

  • Mammography
  • Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
  • Sonography
  • MRI
    T1, T2, Dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI
    Diffusion MRI (DWI, DTI, Kurtosis Imaging, IVIM)
    MR Spectroscopy
  • Image-guided Breast & Prostate Interventions


  • Innovative Cancer Imaging with Hyperpolarized MRI and Novel Tracers Colaboration with Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (2014)
    Source of Funding: FWF (Austrian Science Fund), Erwin-Schrödinger Fellowship
    Principal Investigator
  • Molecular Imaging of Breast Tumors at 7 Tesla: Proof of Concept (2012)
    Source of Funding: OeNB (Oesterreichische Nationalbank), Anniversary Fund
    Principal Investigator
  • Functional Imaging of the Breast: PET-MRI for the detection and assessment of breast lesions (2010)
    Source of Funding: Medical Scientific Fund of the Mayor of the City of Vienna,
    Principal Investigator
  • Multiparametric Functional PET-MRI in Breast Lesions: a New Technique for Detection and Assessment of Early Treatment Response (2008)
    Source of Funding: Austrian Society of Senology,
    Principal Investigator

Selected publications

  1. Multiparametric MR Imaging with High-Resolution Dynamic Contrast-enhanced and Diffusion-weighted Imaging at 7 T Improves the Assessment of Breast Tumors: A Feasibility Study. Pinker K, Baltzer P, Bogner W, Leithner D, Trattnig S, Zaric O, Dubsky P, Bago-Horvath Z, Rudas M, Gruber S, Weber M, Helbich TH. Radiology. 2015 Aug;276(2):360-70.
  2. Improved differentiation of benign and malignant breast tumors with multiparametric 18fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography magnetic resonance imaging: a feasibility study. Pinker K, Bogner W, Baltzer P, Karanikas G, Magometschnigg H, Brader P, Gruber S, Bickel H, Dubsky P, Bago-Horvath Z, Bartsch R, Weber M, Trattnig S, Helbich TH. Clin Cancer Res. 2014 Jul 1;20(13):3540-9.
  3. Improved diagnostic accuracy with multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging of the breast using dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging, diffusion-weighted imaging, and 3-dimensional proton magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging. Pinker K, Bogner W, Baltzer P, Gruber S, Bickel H, Brueck B, Trattnig S, Weber M, Dubsky P, Bago-Horvath Z, Bartsch R, Helbich TH. Invest Radiol. 2014 Jun;49(6):421-30.
  4. Clinical application of bilateral high temporal and spatial resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of the breast at 7 T. Pinker K, Bogner W, Baltzer P, Trattnig S, Gruber S, Abeyakoon O, Bernathova M, Zaric O, Dubsky P, Bago-Horvath Z, Weber M, Leithner D, Helbich TH. Eur Radiol. 2014 Apr;24(4):913-20.
  5. Combined contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance and diffusion-weighted imaging reading adapted to the "Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System" for multiparametric 3-T imaging of breast lesions. Pinker K, Bickel H, Helbich TH, Gruber S, Dubsky P, Pluschnig U, Rudas M, Bago-Horvath Z, Weber M, Trattnig S, Bogner W. Eur Radiol. 2013 Jul;23(7):1791-802.