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Dr. Wilfried Krois

Department of Surgery (Division of Pediatric Surgery)

ORCID: 0000-0001-6614-9703

Selected publications

  1. Krois, W. et al., 2017. Sociodemographics and the impact of a colostomy to indigent families and children with colorectal disorders in Honduras. Journal of Pediatric Surgery. Available at:
  2. Krois, W. et al., 2017. Objective breast symmetry analysis with the breast analyzing tool (BAT): improved tool for clinical trials. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment. Available at:
  3. Krois, W. et al., 2016. Minimal-invasive Cholezystokolostomie als operatives Bridging-Verfahren bei progressiv-familiärer intrahepatischer Cholestase (PFIC). Klinische Pädiatrie, 228(02), pp.91-93. Available at:
  4. Springer, A., Krois, W. & Horcher, E., 2011. Trends in Hypospadias Surgery: Results of a Worldwide Survey. European Urology, 60(6), pp.1184-1189. Available at:
  5. Fitzal, F. et al., 2008. Breast-Conserving Therapy for Centrally Located Breast Cancer. Annals of Surgery, 247(3), pp.470-476. Available at: