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Scientific Program

6th June 2023

Karina Piatek & Nishelle Dsouza
President & Vice President of the YSA

Univ.-Prof. Markus Müller
Rector of the Medical University of Vienna

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Stefan Böhm
Director of the Doctoral School at the Medical University of Vienna

Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Michaela Fritz
Vice Rector of the Medical University of Vienna

Univ.-Prof. Anita Rieder
Vice Rector of the Medical University of Vienna

"Function-based genomics to combat immunotherapy resistance in cancer"

Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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1. Pichler Alexander (10:30 - 10:45)

Imatinib-induced sustained and complete long-term remission in therapy-resistant anaplastic large cell lymphoma

2. Macia-Guardado Mario (10:45 - 11:00)

Prostaglandin signaling in tumor stroma interaction in CRC and its impact on the secretome and functional relevance

3. Noorizadeh Rahil (11:00 - 11:15) 

Transient IGF1 exposure stably reprograms EWS-FLI1 immortalized embryonal limb-derived mesenchymal stem cell-like cells to full transformation

4. Mödl Bernadette (11:15 - 11:30)

The Janus Kinase Tyk2 prevents colon cancer metastasis


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Immunology & Cell Biology

  • (A1) Bauernfeind Clarissa
  • (A2) Bacqué Joan
  • (A3) Balsini Parvaneh
  • (A4) Krisai Andrea
  • (A5) Liu Zicheng
  • (A6) Podzhilkova Aleksandra
  • (A7) Sarzsinszky Eszter
  • (A8) Sudharson Srinidhi
  • (A9) Trifonova Daria

Malignant Disease

  • (B1) Baier Dina
  • (B2) Colombo Mattheo
  • (B3) Filimonova Ioanna
  • (B4) Lämmerer Anna
  • (B5) Luca Andreea Corina
  • (B6) Chen Anna
  • (B7) Ning Jing
  • (B8) Salama Abdelrahman
  • (B9) Sama Sai Nagender
  • (B10) Trenk Christoph
  • (B11) Trkulja Marija

Drug Development

  • (C1) Belleza Oliver
  • (C2) Bergmann Felix
  • (C3) Konzett Victoria
  • (C4) Kovtunyk Vitalii
  • (C5) Lackner Cornelia
  • (C6) Merrelaar Anne
  • (C7) Stefanelli Alessia
  • (C8) Vogel Florian
  • (C9) Wali Laxmikant

Bones and Joints Regeneration

  • (D1) Altner Sarra
  • (D2) Butylina Maria
  • (D3) Domic Danijel
  • (D4) Gelles Katharina
  • (D5) Gessner Diana
  • (D6) Karaca Fadime
  • (D7) Lackner Agnes
  • (D8) Milek Oliwia
  • (D9) Panahipour Layla
  • (D10) Popp Domenik

Medical Physics & Imaging

  • (E1) Brandstätter Stefan
  • (E2) Emre Taha
  • (E3) Fürböck Christoph
  • (E4) Kapeller Florian
  • (E5) Koeller Maximiliam
  • (E6) Oghbaie Marzieh
  • (E7) Rivail Antoine
  • (E8) Yu Josef
  • (E9) Zachhuber Lena


  • (F1) Cho Anna
  • (F2) Coulibaly Leonard
  • (F3) Dajic Irena
  • (F4) Graninger Marianne
  • (F5) Hollaus Marlene
  • (F6) Maierhofer Udo
  • (F7) Prem Bernhard
  • (F8) Spartalis Christoph
  • (F9) Stepien Natalia
  • (F10) Zillner Clarissa
  • (F11) Villoria-Gonzalez Andrea

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"Brain health, decline and Alzheimer's disease"

Quebec City Mental Health Institute

Quebec, Canada

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Immunology & Cell Biology

  • (A1) Brinkmann Marie
  • (A2) Dellinger Mirjam
  • (A3) Höbler Anna-Lena
  • (A4) Hofmann Melanie
  • (A5) Lackner Andreas
  • (A6) Marchuk Anastasiia
  • (A7) Maxian Theresa
  • (A8) Primerano Elias
  • (A9) Sahu Alishan

Malignant Diseases I

  • (B1) Atas Emine
  • (B2) Aung Myint Myat Khine
  • (B3) Caban Monika
  • (B4) Harm Theresa
  • (B5) Herek Paula
  • (B6) Hinterleitner Lorenz
  • (B7) Jaunecker Carola Nadine
  • (B8) Ortmayr Gregor
  • (B9) Stang Simone
  • (B10) Tran Loan
  • (B11) Weiss Stefanie

Malignant Diseases II

  • (C1) Breitenecker Kristina
  • (C2) Bruckner Katharina
  • (C3) Cowles Jamie
  • (C4) Eckel Oliver
  • (C5) Edtmayer Sophie
  • (C6) Gschwendtner Anna
  • (C7) Gutmann Michael
  • (C8) Peischl Carina
  • (C9) Raitanen Julia
  • (10) Vock Laurenz

Public Health

  • (D1) Heilig Daniel
  • (D2) Hoxha Ina
  • (D3) Hribersek Mojca
  • (D4) Saly Elisabeth
  • (D5) Seiser Saskia
  • (D6) Teufel Anna
  • (D7) Woldemariam Selam N


  • (E1) Alberto e Silva Ana Sofia
  • (E2) Bösendorfer Anna
  • (E3) Cuenca Rico Laura
  • (E4) Gershtein Yaakov
  • (E5) Greutter Lisa
  • (E6) Imhof Sophie
  • (E7) Lietz Andrea Katharina
  • (E8) Ludwig Birgit
  • (E9) Proemer Jakob
  • (E10) Semmler Lorenz

PoeT & Vascular Biology

  • (F1) Aigner Christof
  • (F2) Eibensteiner Fabian
  • (F3) Heinzel Andreas
  • (F4) Jabbour Rhea
  • (F5) Kosta Felix
  • (F6) Ley Matthias
  • (F7) Marka Frieda
  • (F8) Oviedo Flores Krystell
  • (F9) Petrenko Oleksandr



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5. El Biali Myriam (15:15 - 15:30)

Influence of ABC transporters at the blood-retinal barrier on drug distribution to the human eye assessed with PET imaging

6. Agneter Anja (15:30 - 15:45)

Optoelectronic system based on photonic integrated circuits to miniaturize spectral domain optical coherence tomography

7. Krause Arno (15:45 - 16:00) 

Enhanced multimodal optical imaging for optical properties extraction and radiomic analysis of fibrotic cardiac tissue

8. Benčurová Katarína (16:00 - 16:15)

The in ovo model in radiopharmaceutical sciences


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"Hedonic-Driven Eating: The Science on Food Addiction and Implications fo Overeating"

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

New York, USA

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9. Yildiz Erdem (17:30 - 17:45)

Inner Ear Drug Delivery and Cochlear Implantation in Pigs as a Representative Model for treatment of hearing disorders in Humans

10. Stadlmayr Sarah (17:45 - 18:00)

Comparison between the Regenerative Potential of Three Different Spider Silks

11. Kienast Patric (18:00 - 18:15)

COVID-19 during pregnancy: A danger to perinatal brains?

12.  Barresi Cinzia (18:15 - 18:30)

Mapping the Signaling Network of Muscle-Specific Kinase using Proximity-Dependent Labeling


7th June 2023

Young Scientist Association of the Medical University of Vienna


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13. Reihs Eva Ingeborg (09:05 - 09:20)

Bioengineering the inflammatory and degradative crosstalk environment in arthritic diseases with patient-derived heterotypic joint-on-a-chip systems

14. Hartl Lukas (09:20 - 09:35)

Lower serum cortisol is associated with higher risk of acute-on-chronic liver failure and liver-related mortality in patients with advanced chronic liver disease

15. Strauß Christine (09:35 - 09:50) 

Galectins -4 and -8 in Human Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

16. Beghini Marianna (09:50 - 10:05)

An acute subcutaneous injection of recombinant leptin increases hepatic triglyceride secretion in patients with lipodystrophy


"How T cells recognise antigens in health and disease - perspective from molecular imaging"

Medical University of Vienna

Vienna, Austria

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13. Chen Chuqiao (11:05 - 11:20)

Immuno-metabolic reprogramming of carbohydrate metabolism in atherosclerosis

14. Zghaebi Mohammed (11:20 - 11:35)

Immune cells proliferation and IgE repertoire sequencing following controlled nasal allergen exposure

15. Dhoundiyal Ankit (11:35 - 11:50)

The interaction of intracellular and extracellular calcium influx in the regulation of neuronal bioenergetics

16.  Marksteiner Jessica (11:50 - 12:05)

Role of tenascin C in electrical remodeling and impaired Ca-handling in dystrophic cardiomyopathy


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Immunology & Cell Biology

  • (A1) Neuwirth Teresa
  • (A2) Gruener Stephan
  • (A3) Hoebinger Constanze
  • (A4) Höhran Maria
  • (A5) Innocenti Gabriel
  • (A6) Mühlgrabner Vanessa 
  • (A7) Nackenhorst Maja
  • (A8) Neuninger Lukas
  • (A9) Ruivo Margarida

Malignant Disease

  • (B1) Adachi Fernandez Isabel-Emi
  • (B2) Muhammad Hashim
  • (B3) Englisch Cornelia
  • (B4) Kalla Jessica
  • (B5) Knöbl Viktoria
  • (B6) Mair Theresia
  • (B7) Munoz i Ordono, Miquel
  • (B8) Rebhan Katharina
  • (B9) Varady Adam
  • (B10) Zrimšek Maša

Public Health 

  • (C1) Schiffler Tobias
  • (C2) Kitta Anna 
  • (C3) Klager Elisabeth
  • (C4) Mautner Maria-Christine
  • (C5) Katsch Florian
  • (C6) Helbich-Poschacher Veronika

Molecular Signal Transduction

  • (D1) Dietrich Bianca
  • (D2) García Moreno, Sofía Inés
  • (D3) Gattringer Jasmin
  • (D4) Göschl Vanessa
  • (D5) Kastner Nina
  • (D6) Law Yee Kwan
  • (D7) Pfabe Johannes
  • (D8) Schwarz Paula
  • (D9) Srinivasan Sivakumar

Biomedical Engineering

  • (E1) Bonora Marta
  • (E2) He Xiangyu
  • (E3) Kornfellner Erik
  • (E4) Linnemeier Sarah
  • (E5) Mitterer Jennyfer Angel
  • (E6) Narayanaswamy Krishnaraj
  • (E7) Schlöglhofer Thomas
  • (E8) Schmitt Anna-Maria
  • (E9) Specht Sophie
  • (E10) Vostatek Matthias

Poet & Vascular Biology

  • (F1) Bormann Daniel
  • (F2) Conci Luca
  • (F3) Gager Gloria Marlene
  • (F4) Hammer Andreas
  • (F5) Kraemmer Daniel
  • (F6) Mousavi Roya Anahita
  • (F7) Musiejovsky Laszlo
  • (F8) Schramm Theresa
  • (F9) Steiner Daniel
  • (F10) Vostatek Rafaela

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17. Steiner Daniel (13:50 - 14:05)

Walking impairment in deep vein thrombosis in relation to the location of thrombosis and history of previous thrombosis

18. Sacnun Juan Manuel (14:05 - 14:20)

Combination of secretomics and a novel co-culture system for analysis of the cross-talk between endothelial and mesothelial cells

19. Rohringer Sabrina (14:20 - 14:35)

Biocompatibility and performance evaluation of biodegradable, self-reinforcing polyurethane-urea small-diameter vascular grafts

20. Evgeniou Michail (14:35- 14:50)

Identification of potential drug-drug synergies with therapeutic potential for peritoneal dialysis patients

"Regeneration of cartilage and osteoarthritis – from molecular mechanisms to the clinical reality"

Center of Experimental Orthopaedics at Saarland University

Saarbrücken, Germany

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We congratulate the winner of the Publication Award Maria R Strobl and are looking forward to hearing her presentation "The role of IgG1 and IgG4 as dominant IgE-blocking antibodies shifts during allergen immunotherapy".


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Immunology & Cell Biology

  • (A1) Gebetsberger Laura
  • (A2) Fokina Alina
  • (A3) Geissler Nora
  • (A4) Keszei Zsofia
  • (A5) Pimenov Lisabeth
  • (A6) Sieber Justyna
  • (A7) Thaler Michael
  • (A8) Weinberger Stefan

Poet & Vascular Biology

  • (B1) Acar Eylem
  • (B2) Baydar Smige
  • (B3) Dostal Christopher
  • (B4) Kainz Frieda-Maria
  • (B5) Koller Thomas
  • (B6) Kronberger Christina
  • (B7) Reiner Johanna
  • (B8) Schirwani-Hartl Nawa
  • (B9) Stampfer Anna-Theres
  • (B10) Steinacher Eva
  • (B11) Willixhofer Robin

Malignant Diseases

  • (C1) Balcar Lorenz
  • (C2) Brozova Klara
  • (C3) Huber Julia
  • (C4) Kohl Katharina
  • (C5) Kluge Kilian
  • (C6) Parger Anna-Maria
  • (C7) Pomej Katharina
  • (C8) Ramos Cristiano
  • (C9) Tsokkou Panagiota
  • (C10) Weindorfer Claudia

Mixed Clinical (Endocrinology)

  • (D1) Ahmed Hifza
  • (D2) Baumgartner Clemens
  • (D3) Bobić Katarina
  • (D4) Burghart Lukas
  • (D5) Dürr Sabine
  • (D6) Jachs Mathias
  • (D7) Porth Ann-Kristin

Molecular Signal Transduction

  • (E1) Englmaier Lukas
  • (E2) Losgott Thomas
  • (E3) Maach Nadine
  • (E4) Piech Sophie
  • (E5) Radovanovic Danijela
  • (E6) Sachslehner Attila Placido
  • (E7) Sarne Victoria
  • (E8) Surbek Marta
  • (E9) Tomašević Nataša

Medical Physics & Imaging

  • (F1) Bamminger Karsten
  • (F2) Brunner Jacob
  • (F3) Giardina Gabriel
  • (F4) Haberl David
  • (F5) Ke Mengyuan
  • (F6) Lazic Daria
  • (F7) Nienhaus Jonas
  • (F8) Oghbaie Marzieh
  • (F9) Spielvogel Clemens


Closing remarks and farewell! We are happy to welcome you again next year!


Winners of the Science Art contest, as well as of the oral and poster presentations will be announced at the Science Party in the Van-Swieten-Saal.