Master of Science in Clinical Research

Clinical research plays a major role in translating scientific progress into improvement of patient care and optimal health resource allocation. It has become a sophisticated science requiring researchers to obtain highly specific training in health research methodology to assure ethical conduct and generation of valid results of clinical studies.

This postgraduate university programme is intended for university graduates in natural sciences with professional experience who pursue a career in health care research. Its objective is to qualify participants for designing, conducting, analysing, and presenting clinical studies. The programme provides students with a solid understanding of health research methodology and biostatistics.Students will also become familiar with international legal and ethical standards in clinical research.

Graduates of the postgraduate university programme will acquire the competence to successfully lead research projects and compete on an international level. Students successfully passing the postgraduate university course are grading with "Master of Science in Clinical Research".

Apply for the next start in October 2017!



"The “Master of Science in Clinical Research” Programme has given me a deeper understanding of the underlying principles of good clinical research and practice. It has also clearly defined the important aspects of research such as ethical considerations, biostatistics, research methods and protocol development: important components for my doctoral programme in Public Health”

Radhika Seiler-Ramadas, MA, MSc.

Doctoral Programme in Public Health, Medical University of Vienna

(2013 – 2015)












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