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Georg Pfeiler
assoc.Prof. Priv. Doz. Dr. Georg PfeilerHead of Oncological Breast Outpatient Clinic/ Head of Bone Health Outpatient Clinic

Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology (Division of General Gynecology and Gynecologic Oncology)
Position: Associate Professor


Aromatase Inhibitors; Breast Neoplasms; Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer Syndrome; Obesity; Osteoporosis

Research interests

My research focuses two 'different' topics: 

Loads of my research focuses on obesity, endocrinology and breast cancer. Our translationsl and clinical research has demonstrated that obesity impacts not only prognosis but also efficacy of endocrine treatment. This impact seems to be due to changes in serum hormones. Beside research in TNBC and HBOC patients, obesity and endocrine teratment is still a main theme in my research group.

Bone health, fracture risk and bone metastases are my second resarch focus. We try to identify patients at high risk for fragility fractures by serum parameters as well as miRNA. Further, the relationship between bone and cancer is investigated by our group.

Selected publications

  1. Pfeiler, G. et al., 2011. Impact of Body Mass Index on the Efficacy of Endocrine Therapy in Premenopausal Patients With Breast Cancer: An Analysis of the Prospective ABCSG-12 Trial. Journal of Clinical Oncology, 29(19), pp.2653-2659. Available at:
  2. Pfeiler, G. et al., 2013. Efficacy of tamoxifen�aminoglutethimide in normal weight and overweight postmenopausal patients with hormone receptor-positive breast cancer: an analysis of 1509 patients of the ABCSG-06 trial. British Journal of Cancer, 108(7), pp.1408-1414. Available at:
  3. Pfeiler, G. et al., 2013. Impact of body mass index on estradiol depletion by aromatase inhibitors in postmenopausal women with early breast cancer. British Journal of Cancer, 109(6), pp.1522-1527. Available at:
  4. Gnant, M. et al., 2013. The predictive impact of body mass index on the efficacy of extended adjuvant endocrine treatment with anastrozole in postmenopausal patients with breast cancer: an analysis of the randomised ABCSG-6a trial. British Journal of Cancer, 109(3), pp.589-596. Available at:
  5. Gnant, M. et al., 2015. Adjuvant denosumab in breast cancer (ABCSG-18): a multicentre, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. The Lancet, 386(9992), pp.433-443. Available at: