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Karin Pfisterer
Karin Pfisterer, PhD

Department of Dermatology
Position: Lecturer

ORCID: 0000-0003-1723-6266
T +43 1 40400-77880


Cell Migration Assays; Cytoskeleton; Microscopy; Skin

Research interests

My special interest lies in regulatory signalling networks that preserve homeostasis in mammalian tissues and how this balance is disrupted during pathological processes.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

live imaging in 2D and 3D, superresolution microscopy (PALM, STORM, SIM), FLIM-FRET, ratiometric FRET, FRAP, LLSM, primary cell isolation and in vitro differentiation, Co-IP, Ca2+ flux, lipid raft isolation, qPCR, flow cytometry, molecular cloning


Selected publications

  1. Marsh, R.J. et al., 2018. Artifact-free high-density localization microscopy analysis. Nature Methods, 15(9), pp.689–692. Available at:
  2. Pfisterer, K. et al., 2014. The Late Endosomal Transporter CD222 Directs the Spatial Distribution and Activity of Lck. The Journal of Immunology, 193(6), pp.2718–2732. Available at:
  3. Pfisterer, K. et al., 2015. CD90 + Human Dermal Stromal Cells Are Potent Inducers of FoxP3 + Regulatory T Cells. Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 135(1), pp.130–141. Available at:
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