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Karin Pfisterer
Karin Pfisterer, PhD

Department of Dermatology
Position: Lecturer

ORCID: 0000-0003-1723-6266
T +43 1 40400-77880


Cell Migration Assays; Cytoskeleton; Extracellular Matrix; Inflammation; Melanoma, Experimental; Microscopy; Skin

Research group(s)

Research interests

Dr. Pfisterer and her team are investigating regulatory pathways that preserve homeostasis in mammalian tissues and how this balance is disrupted during pathological processes such as skin inflammation and melanoma. 

Karin Pfisterer studied Genetics/Microbiology at the University of Vienna and did her PhD in Immunology at the Medical University of Vienna. During her postdoctoral training at the Randall Centre for Cell & Molecular Biophysics at King’s College London she was investigating cell migration and cell-matrix interactions in 3D using super-resolution microscopy. Dr. Pfisterer also performed research as visiting scientist at the Advanced Imaging Centre at the Janelia Research Campus, USA. She has ongoing interdisciplinary collaborations with physicists, mathematicians and cell biologists from the EU, UK and USA.

Currently Dr. Pfisterer is teaching Immunology and Cell Biology courses at the Medical University of Vienna and postgraduate courses in Allergology and Immunology at the Karl Landsteiner University.

Techniques, methods & infrastructure

live imaging in 2D and 3D, superresolution microscopy (PALM, STORM, SIM), FLIM-FRET, ratiometric FRET, FRAP, lattice light sheet microscopy, image analysis, cell isolation and in vitro differentiation, Co-IP, Ca2+ flux, lipid raft isolation, qPCR, flow cytometry, molecular cloning, scRNA-seq


Selected publications

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  2. Pfisterer, K., Lumicisi, B. and Parsons, M. (2021) ‘Imaging of Human Cancer Cells in 3D Collagen Matrices’, BIO-PROTOCOL, 11(2). Available at:
  3. Pfisterer, K. et al. (2020) ‘FMNL2 regulates dynamics of fascin in filopodia’, Journal of Cell Biology, 219(5). Available at:
  4. Pfisterer, K. et al. (2014) ‘The Late Endosomal Transporter CD222 Directs the Spatial Distribution and Activity of Lck’, The Journal of Immunology, 193(6), pp. 2718–2732. Available at:
  5. Pfisterer, K. et al. (2015) ‘CD90 + Human Dermal Stromal Cells Are Potent Inducers of FoxP3 + Regulatory T Cells’, Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 135(1), pp. 130–141. Available at: